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Cleaning Oven Racks with Glides Warning

10 years ago

Ugh, so I finally got a new oven after 10 years. It has these new racks that have glides on the sides with ballerinas so the rack slides all the way out like a nice drawer. Its an Electrolux.

I cannot figure out how to clean these things. What is the best way to do this without destroying the finish?

I know one method is to leave them in during self clean but these new ovens have a sensor that will not let you do that. Self clean will not activate until the racks are out. Plus it will ruin the finish.

I tried soap and water, soaking in a tub overnight in laundry soap and the ammonia in a plastic bag and Barkeepers friend.

The problem is the glides. After soaking in the tub, it did knock off a lot of stuff, but it also made the glides squeak because it got rid of the grease put on by the manufacture. So I used a little cooking oil and they worked fine. That is until actually baked something. The oil starting baking on and dripping off creating a small mess. The glides are now yellow from burnt on oil.

I the tried Ammonia. Tested it on a small toaster oven rack and wow! That stuff is amazing, sparkling clean chrome. So I did the same with my expensive oven racks and now what? Dull stained chrome. I tried polishing it up with some Bar Keepers Friend and it did help somewhat but nothing near new. Definably a lot duller then the untouched one.

And to put insult to injury, I located the special high temperature lube for food grade part by the manufacture and a 4oz tube is almost $50! New racks are $150 each.

Anyone have suggestions on how to clean these without damaging them? Not sure why the Ammonia made them dull.

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