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Portable Air Conditioner?

13 years ago

Hi -

Can anyone give me information about portable (meaning the floor ones) air conditioners? Here's the scoop. I don't have air conditioning in my house. I don't have window air conditioners either; frankly, the sizes I'd need are too heavy for me to lift into and out of the windows and to the cellar for storage and simply just a pain.

But I'm dying in this heat and am thinking that I'll buy a couple of portable air conditioners that sit on the floor and can roll. I would get help getting them into my house. My house is very small (1100 sq. ft. total), but open concept. So I'm thinking of one on the main floor and one upstairs (2 bedrooms). But I'm just starting to do my research.

Can anyone offer any information or advice? Brands, caveats, etc.?

Many thanks in advance.


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