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pics: What color vanity dark brown or creamy white?

10 years ago

I'm having a difficult time deciding on a vanity. Which color would you go with, cream or chocolate?

The dark wood tile is my floor: Porcelanosa Tavolo Ebana

My shower tile is Porcelanosa Yakarta.

Here are some pictures. The darker color is the tile, the lighter wood is what I have now. The wall shower is the beige/white color (Yakarta). The color in Yakarta in photos are off. It's somewhere between the shade of the light and darker looking Yarkarta, closer to the first picture.



Here are some vanities I found:

#1 I like but I would have to go with all bronze for shower faucet ( and then the chrome handle on the toilet would annoy me), and I think chrome is a fresher look anyhow. It comes with a copper sink, which I do like.


#2 is blah but ok


#3 if I really had no other choice


#4 I like the color but would need another style:


So which color/style would you use? I would like to keep it in the 300-700 price range and need it by next week. Any suggestions on where else to look? thanks in advance and I really appreciate your help!

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