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11 years ago

I need a new computer and am wondering how many gygabytes to get. I only use the computer for home use, emails, banking, making greeting cards, games, nothing very elaborate but I'm on it a lot. Don't want to get more than I need but wAnt it to be sufficient. Than,s for your help. BT

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  • grandms
    11 years ago

    Are you referring to storage amounts or memory? Both are measured in GB, so your question is not at all clear.

    Most new computers come with 500GB or more of storage (hard disk). You could easily get by with less if you don't store lots of music, pictures, etc.

    As for RAM, you'll probably need a minimum of 4GB, but I would go with more if it's in your price range.

  • mikie_gw
    11 years ago

    I don't do any serious memory intensive programs and have watched total ram usage. My largest ram used I've seen is about 5.6 GigaBytes - Win8 pro. was 16 gb of installed ram, I moved it now to 8gb ram. Same peak ram usages, smaller paging file :)

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