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cast iron bath tub with ugly finish, please advise

11 years ago

Hello, I have one of those tubs from the 50's that fit into the wall and has a smooth out skirt to the floor. It is nice and long and is a great shape for bathing. I love the tub but the finish is very worn. I want to look at options as I begin planning for the modest bathroom remodel project. Can I get this tub refinished? How durable is the refinish?

This tub does multipurpose duty and gives very few baths anymore, now that the kids are grown. Its located next to my kitchen and it has been handy filling large pots, buckets, dog baths, cleaning livestock vet supplies, and etc, etc. But I notice that the activity in the trusty tub has slowed way down. I don't want to replace it with a plastic one really, and I love cast iron. Any suggestions would be welcomed. Thank you.

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