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How to get rid of Virtumonde.sci

A Spybot Search and Destroy scan reports virtumonde.sci. I have clicked "fix it" and the program reports it has done so but when I rescan with the same program, this Trojan (their term) shows up again. Recently I have been having trouble closing down my computer and have had to actually turn the power off in order to log off. IÂve also been getting frequent messages that Microsoft has encountered a problem and has to close a program.

My wake up call began yesterday when I booted. I noticed that the McAfee icon indicated I had a problem. I opened the Security Center and it showed that I was unprotected. I have an HP running XP Media Center with SP2. My Comcast cable connection includes McAfee Security Suite. That Suite is configured for automatic updates.

Not realizing how this problem would grow, I didnÂt note the exact message I got but essentially I had to re-download McAfee. BUT, in trying to do that another message said I had to update with Microsoft. Microsoft is set to automatically notify me of updates. I had installed a Microsoft validation program quite a while ago.

I went through the required steps and once McAfee reported being in full protection mode I updated Easy Cleaner, Spybot Search and Destroy, Malwarebytes, and Superantispyware. I then switched to Safe Mode.

With Easy cleaner I deleted Unnecessary Files, and cleared Files, Cookies and History.

The Spybot scan found the virtumonde.sci trojan. I clicked Spybot to fix it.

Malwarebytes did a full scan. No malicious items were detected.

Superantispyware did a complete scan. Only tracking cookies were found. They were removed and quarantined.

The Recycle Bin was emptied.

I restarted in regular mode.

To get the warm fuzzies, I rescanned with Spybot and the virtumonde.sci was there again.

I came to this forum and found recommendations for the ESET online scanner. I did that and it found some items but in trying to copy the results I lost them.

SoÂI tried TrendMicroÂs Housecall. I downloaded their kernel and the scan was completed. I didnÂt immediately have the program do its thing and clicked on other tabs, thinking it would tell me more. I lost the scan results. IÂve since tried to rescan with Housecall but keep getting a message that "An error occurred while trying to transfer data from the Internet. Do you want TrendMicro Housecall to try againÂ" I have to click "Cancel" about 7 times before the message box closes.

IÂve repeated the whole process a second time (updating the malware programs, switching to safe mode, etc.). On the 2nd try I copied the files Spybot found before I had Spybot fix them and also after the fix. TheyÂre long but if theyÂre helpful, I can post them.

What are other steps I should I take to try to rid my computer of this malware?

Thanks for reading - June

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