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Really Long Bathroom, Vanity too Long & Not Needed - Need Ideas -

14 years ago

I'm putting the cart before the horse as I've actually done before, but before I go and place an offer on this foreclosed property, I really would love some ideas for this really long bathroom. Whereas the house needs a lot of work, this bathroom is more cosmetics (at least that's what I hope) than other areas of the house that has bigger issues. Still, this is a major purchase and being I'm not someone who is good in thinking of ideas on her own I'd love to get some ideas from others which would help put my mind a bit at ease in knowing there's something I could do with this bathroom. It would need some major help - just look at that floor alone!!!! Also, this is the guest bathroom.

As you can see, there is a really long vanity in there with double sinks - totally not needed as it's just DH & myself. Across from the vanity is a linen closet. To the right of the linen closet is a tub/shower - on the other side of that vanity is the toilet. The length of this bathroom is 11'6" (didn't measure width)

What would one do if you wanted a smaller vanity with that extra space??

Any ideas/pics anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated, and I thank you in advance.




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