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Hotmail Junk or Phishing Scam?

Ok, so Phishing scam is pretending to be someone they aren't and trying to get personal info.

Well, what about these emails that have very generic subject lines, like "check this out" or something similar. I never open them but instead (at the Hotmail site) right click on the email to read it via "View Message Source".

The one I got today was a "Check this out" one and it read

you can get a free ipad from this site

cVc I don't know how long they're gonna give them away but I got mine. I wa=

s skeptical about this whole idea of free stuff but this site is for real=

=2C you just have to send them back a review and then you can keep it.

Which would be best? Marking it as Junk, or as a Phishing Scam. I'm thinking that Hotmail would maybe eventually block their IP, if it was marked by enough folks as Phishing.

Your thoughts?

No real biggie with me...just curious, since I don't have any 'real' computer problems to concern myself with today.



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