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Halloween I got booed! That's where someone leaves a gift bag with a few goodies, and a poem about how you have been booed, and you are to make up two gift bags with copies of poem and leave it at 2 friends front door, don't let them see you. Also...you put a paper saying you have been booed in your window, so you don't get booed again. It is neat to see how far it goes...So, my question is has anyone done this idea for christmas. I'd love to do it where I live, but...not that creative on a poem. If anyone has done this or has a poem would like to share it, thanks!

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Found this on a christian craft site - kinda like the "You've been booed"

The Christmas Angel has come to town,
To leave you some goodies, I see you have found.
If you wish to spread some of this good cheer,
Continue this greeting, 'cause Christmas is near.
First post the "Angel" where all can see,
And leave it there until Christmas Eve.
Then make 2 treats, with 2 notes like this,
Deliver to 2 neighbors who the Angel has missed.
You have only two days to leave a treat.
Ring the doorbell and run -- be fast on your feet.
Let's share in the spirit of friendship and love,
That's what Christmas is really made of.

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What a GREAT idea!!!
My 11 year old niece will love doing this to her friends.

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