Hey!! Where is everyone???


This forum used to be so active what is new with the computer artists??

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Not sure, Minnie, but I think this one (as well as Paper Crafts and some others) are being neglected as folks just gather at the Crafts & Decorations for all their various crafty ideas. See Jacquelyn's bag toppers, magnets, tictactoe Hallowe'en game, nodakgal's Pumpkin cans, etc., all at C&D even though they are really 'computer crafts.'

I miss the activity that used to be here, too. But I guess if "we" don't post ideas here, no one will stop in to look, and they won't post any new ideas either.

At least if we 'dig' at C&D, we'll still find some computer crafts!

But just like you, I keep lookin' in here, hoping!!

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Well, when you ask the question I was at South Padre Island, TX! LOL I think Red Confetti has it, most are just posting their ideas at the Crafts & Decorating Forum instead of coming here.

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I used to love this forum. Found some of the neatest ideas here. Now, it is so empty!

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