Need help on stenograph information


I suppose this is the wrong place to form my question, but can't come up with anywhere else.I am sure this will date me, but I enjoy taking the minister's program down in shorthand. It has been so long that I have to transcribe my notes immediately to get the information needed. When I was working, I took medical information and other things on my stenograph. This was a long time,ago but I loved my stenograph and would like to get it out to take the President's speeches abd other things like that. i have paper but cannot find any of the ink which kept that little center ribbon moist. Have tried many places to no avail. Is there anybody that could help me or tell me where to go--or do I just drop it?. Thanks for even reading this post. Barb

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Hi Barb,
I would suggest you do a Google search for "stenograph ribbon". I just did and it showed thousands of options. I also ran a search on e-bay and found a few Steno Machine Ink Ribbons that work with Stenograph & Xscribe, and a number of Stenograph Stentura Ribbon Cartridges - new and refurbished.
Good luck, Morgan

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