selection of photo album software?


I have lots of family photos stored on my computer that I would like to organize and make into CD photo albums to give as Christmas gifts. I need software that would allow me to organize the photos into albums and burn these to CD.

I would like the CD's to start up with an attractive title page to chose between the albums for viewing. A slide show feature for each album would be nice. Software that is easy for me as well as the recipient is needed. One of the recipients is a 90 year old!! It seems like most of the software is geared for web publishing, putting pictures to music, or making scrapbook pages which I am not interested in. Software with a free trial would be nice.

Any ideas

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I use Windows Movie Maker comes with XP..

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try this site it's called Picasso:

Here is a link that might be useful: photo software

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Good luck! I really like

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