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Should I be concerned about the lippage on my new tile job?

12 years ago

At first glance my porcelain tile job in my bathroom looks awesome. Since this isn't the bathroom I use daily, I didn't notice anything until today about a month after the job was completed. I looked closer and it is clear that there is considerable lippage occuring in different spots in the bathroom. I tried the credit card test that Bill referenced in a post years ago, and most pass but there are at least 4 spots I could find (I didn't check the entire floor yet) that concern me and failed the card test.

The grout line is smaller at 1/8" and the tile installer seemed to be unphased by the tighter fit. He is also the tile guy that the most reputable builder in this area uses. However, I am going to be doing a large kitchen and laundry room soon and now I am second guessing my decision to hire him. I don't want another floor full of this nonsense.

So tell me if I'm being too picky or what then is the acceptable lippage using 12x12 porcelain tiles in a small bathroom?

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