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Problem with My Zephyr Venezia Hood

12 years ago

I had purchased a Zephyr Venezia hood this past year to go with my 30" Viking gas range. I purchased this brand because I liked the look and, due to cost and recommendations.

It was installed around September of 2010. Was working rather well; good intake (600 cfm) - never had a problem with smoke, odors or anything in the kitchen or house at all.

I admit that I've been careless about keeping the filters clean. I've only cleaned them twice since they it was installed. My fault; I didn't read the manual to see that they should be washed monthly.

However, I'm rather sure this isn't the cause of my problem. Suddenly last week, the unit began having electrical issues. The buttons seemed to be sticking and if it wasn't that they are sticking then it's shorting out for sure. The unit turns itself on by itself in fact. A couple of times we were in the living room and heard a whooshing noise from the kitchen only to find it running. We have to really hit the buttons too hard to turn on the lights or fan, and then can not shut them off.

It also seems to be way too hot to me - but this could also be normal. I've never owned this type of hood before.

The one thing which occurred to me is this. When the hood was installed the installation people didn't removed the plastic wrap on the unit at all. It took me a good month before I realized it was encased in plastic - it was that hard to see. Obviously I ripped as much off as I could, but I never was able to get off the parts which are still on the sides touching my kitchen cabinets (very minimal, maybe 1" worth, it's rather slim there). But part of me does wonder if this may have damaged the circuit board - making the unit run too hot for that one month and it finally has caught up with it? Or maybe there is more plastic somewhere that I have not found?

Interestingly I found one reference to this online, but no useful detailed information.

Anyway - I called for service. Thankfully, there is a 1 year warranty on the unit. They are coming out Wednesday to see what is going on (that and to look at my Kitchenaid French door fridge which has been having some annoying ice maker issues since I got it *shakes fist*).

So, I'm wondering if anyone else has ever dealt with this type of issue with a hood before, or has had any problems with a Zephyr.


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