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How can I get rid of absolutely horrible pet odor?

14 years ago

Hello, I am a new member of the forum and have what seems to be a fairly common problem, but I would like to try to get the most up-to-date tips to resolve it.

We just rented a house, were told the previous occupants kept their dog outdoors but this was obviously not the case.

When we made the deposit & signed the lease, the house did not have a noticeable (to me) odor. The owner had the carpets cleaned throughout, let them dry for a day, then the house was closed up for most of 5 days with no electricity and 90°+F temps outside. When I went back in yesterday the smell was AWFUL. The place looks clean but smells of dog, especially in the living area where we will be spending much of our time.

Any advice on the best treatments to get rid of the odor will be very much appreciated as we are not pet owners and are probably more sensitive to it. Thanks, Barry.

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