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Question for Bill V or other gurus, seal marble tile pre-install?

15 years ago

Hi! Question for Bill or Mongo or anyone who cares to opin. First a brief background. You may recall I got a great deal on some WZ Tribeca mini-brick marble subways and hex tile because some of it was stained. I removed the stains successfully with a poltice (yea!). The tile was honed, but where I applied the poltice (talc and hydrogen peroxide), I can tell the finish is gone and the marble absorbs water big time in those spots. I'm afraid that during install those areas of the tile will get stained again (by thinset, grout, whatever). So, here is my question. Do you think I should apply marble sealer before I have the tile installed? If so, what brand?

(I have time and energy to do so, if it's a good idea...)


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