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jeep help

17 years ago

Hi Guys...I need some feedback on this problem. We have a 2002 Grand Cherokee. It has close to 70,000 highway miles on it...However, we have always maintained it. In the past year, several things have been going, one by one!! The last being, the driver side power window, which we brought in to be repaired for a Whopping $700!! The funny thing is, we were living in FL for the past two yrs, and hardly used this window due to the there was NO Abuse...Now, we are back in the North East since May, and just the other night, without warning, the passenger side window just went down all by itself...and NOW it too is defunct!! Now THIS window was hardly used, because I sit there, and NEVER want the window down!!! What gives??? Can my DH get the part to repair it on his own, or is this a MYSTERY Fix...and we will have to bring it in? I swear, everytime we brought this car in for some repair, a couple of months later, something else would go..I was getting the feeling that they were sabotaging the car just to have customers...We always brought it in to a Jeep Dealer for repairs... This is the FIRST Jeep we bought outright, new, as we always Leased,(4 of them) and I'm darn sorry that we stopped doing seems that you only get about 3 good years on a car...and then it goes...and that's just what's happening with this car. By the way, it is only my DH and I, and we do NOT abuse cars and as I said always maintain them..This has become a real disappointment and costly headache.

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