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Help...lost steering, but why??

Ann Hargreaves
17 years ago

Yesterday I had a very scary experience, while driving my 1997 Mercury Villager. I was stopped at a major intersection. The light changed, and I proceeded to turn left, except that my car wouldn't turn. It was as if the steering wheel was very loose, no connection between it and my wheels. It felt like I was on ice...At first I thought I was in a I did not brake.

I was going very slowly. I kept turning the wheel, managed to avoid other cars, people, and lightposts. I made the turn; car was out of the intesection, so I stopped.

I stopped for a couple of minutes. No blown tire. I tried to go forward, because I was blocking traffic. My steering capabilities were back!! I was able to drive it into a parking lot and park it.

So, my mechanic says he doesn't know what happened. They drove the car in their parking lot, without any trouble steering.

What could have caused it to do what it did?


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