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Help! Lost steering after going thru water

15 years ago

I was turning into my driveway and had to drive thru a very small puddle and I lost steering. It was almost impossible to turn the steering wheel. It was as if it was locked up. In the past a loud grinding noise could be heard after going thru water-and I'm talking a little typical puddle one might find in a small pothole or the like, not flood type water. But after driving a few feet the noise would go away. And I never atributed that noise to the steering. I had always thought it was the wheels or brakes.

The frozen steering only lasted a few feet, but if it had happened in an intersection it may have been disasterous.

Anyone have any idea what this could be? An isolated incident or a preview of more trouble?

I have a '99 Taurus with over 105,000 miles. I want to give it to my son soon, but not if it is dangerous.

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