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fix or replace? 22 yr old low mileage volvo

18 years ago

We had been just starting to think of replacing our 22 year old Volvo with only 120,000.00 miles when almost 18 year old son rear ended a truck on a rain slick road. The truck drove away with no damage but the accident took out the grill and lights on the Volvo and loosened the front bumper and some molding. The only reason we were going to replace it was for something with airbags, less rust and miscellaneous plastic pieces that don't fall off. The body shop is trying to find used parts but I'm guessing it will be at least $2-3 thousand to fix it. So half of the $5000 we were going to spend on a newer car is gone if we fix this one. They think that the car is mechanically sound so I suppose we could spend the rest of our saved money on new tires, brakes, hoses, belts etc. But we would still have a car with less side view mirrors than most, no airbags, large amounts of rust, cracked dash, and plastic pieces that keep falling off(glove box door, side pockets, etc,etc) (my experience has been that kids don't take care of old cars expecially if they want a newer one). What would you do?

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