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DIY Repair Ford Focus Ignition Lock: Key won't turn

17 years ago

I repaired the ignition lock on my 2003 Ford Focus. I saved $280 to $320, which were quotes from Ford dealers. This is how I did it.

Problem was that the key would not turn. I ordered a new locking mechanism from the dealer. It cost me $50.00.

First I removed the plastic steering column cover with a Allan wrench. (Two Screws) I did not remove the steering wheel. However, it would have allowed for more room to work.

I removed the plastic electronic key reader from the locking device, with a Allan wrench.(One Screw). Don't lose the screw, the car won't start without it.

Then I drilled out the lock with a 10MM size drill. Took about an hour. Don't drill any deeper than 35MM. Mark it on the drill bit prior to drilling, and drill a starter hole, 3MM, prior to using the larger bit. Be careful not to damage the housing around the lock.

I removed the pieces of lock with needle nose plyers, and brushed the shavings from the lock with a small brush.(Kids watercolor brush) I then vacuumed around the steering column and floorboard.

I took the new lock to a locksmith, and had it keyed with the old key. The locksmith was very familiar with the Focus problems. This took no more than 30 minutes.

I placed the new lock in, and re-attached the plastic electronic key reader, screw and all, and started the car.

Good Luck.

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