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Craftsman riding mower issues

13 years ago

I have a Craftsman rider model 917.275820. I have had issues initially with the battery draining after the rider sits for a week. Then also the mower would stop running after a 1/2 hour or so of mowing when under load. I eventually traced down the problem to a part that is directly under the carberator. This is a steel cylinder about 3/4 inch diameter with a electrical plug coming out of the bottom. I discovered this part got hot after the mower was off- i.e. after the mower was off for an hour this part was hot while the rest of the mower was cool. Obviously this was what was draining the battery which I confirmed by unplugging the electrical part on the bottom. If I unplug that electrical piece the steel cylinder stayed cool and the battery did not drain. I have looked at the manual to try and figure out what I need to replace to fix this issue, but I cannot determine what part this cylinder is from looking at the diagrams either electrical or engine. Does anyone know what is causing this issue and what part I need to fix it?



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