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First time here and info.

16 years ago

Hello this is my first time visiting this forum, didn't know about it untill Deb posted on the pet forum and mentioned it. Sorry for your loss Deb (i have a 14 yr old great dane lab mix) so I know it's comming. Anyway I thougt I would introduce myself because I think I can be of some help to many of you. I am a resource coordinator for an In Home Living Assistace Agency. It is my job to find resources to help elderly and disabled folks, most of our clients are low income. I read the post about the Medicare drug plans (I used to be a 1800medicare service rep)It's not that they don't want to give you answers, it's that they are ONLY allowed to give you the information that is on the screen in front of them. It was very frustrating for me to have better information and NOT be able to give it. Well I can give it now! First of all for low income people the plans are useless. If you'r loved one gets less than $1,400.00 per month, has savings under $2,000.00 they would qualify for FREE medication from the manufactures. Check out the If the medication is generic you will need to find the name brand because it is the bigger companies that have these programs. If you have a Medicare drug plan it would make you inelligable. There's lots of other tricks to these programs, but I don't want to write a book. I will be happy to answer any questions on the forum on "how to get qualified for these programs" There are lots of other programs out there that will provide funding for respite care for those of you caring for an elderly parent. The lady with the meatball story is a perfect canidate, you CAN get more help, but as you have already called Adult Protective services, I have a feeling you now your stuff. It's trickey but you CAN get help without having to pay for it, you just need to know the ins and outs. Did you know there is a new tax credit for caring for your parent at home? Did you know there is a $750.00 grant for Alzheimers caregivers? A grant for caregivers of terminally ill? I love my job, it feels so good to help people. I will be happy to help you help the ones you are caring for. I have resources to find what may be available to you and I am glad to share what I know with you. There have been so many people on these forums that have helped me out with expert advise on many things, now maybe I can give back!

Lisa (yes I know I can not spell)

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