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Premier 36' -- Small open burner v. large sealed burner

16 years ago

Hello all,

I am in the process of deciding upon a "pro style" range. While I have been drooling over the Bluestar/Imperial/Capital line-up, I'm afraid my budget can't support that kind of expenditure. So I've stepped down to the Premier 36" Pro Series (P36S138BP)....still stainless with six burners, a good sized oven and a 22" backguard, but without the 'bomb-proof' construction. They offer the 36" in either open or closed burners. The open burners all top out at 12K btu, while the sealed burners have varying upper limits with the hottest topping out at 15K btu.

My question is -- would I even miss those extra 3K btu by going with the open burners? I don't do any wok cooking, so intense high heat is not a requirement. Also the weight of the sealed is 230 lbs. while the weight of the open is 215 lbs. Is this type of difference to be expected?

Thanks for any insight. And I'm not totally sure about Premier, so if there are any other good ranges fitting the description with a more affordable price tag, don't hesitate to drop their name.

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