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A new 'twist '

18 years ago

My story is something I have not read on this forum .

I am the one who may soon be in need of a care giver .

I am 72 , will be 73 in November .

My husband will be 79 the 31st of this month .

I have had Fibromyalgia for many , many years . It not only effects the body , it effects the mind . I am very intolerant / sensitive to many things , including sounds .

DH has had light strokes and a couple of heart attacks . He also has back and leg problems . He still gets out and cuts our own firewood . That is his main activity . He still is completely able to care for himself . ... but he apparently has some dementia .

He stopped driving at least 10 years ago , except in our woods , and up to the neighbors .

I have all the responsibilities .... the yard , the house , the finances , the shopping , etc. etc.

Now , back to my sensitivities . He has developed the habit of making strange noises with his mouth and tongue . My computer is right behind his chair . The noises drive me up the wall ! ( He is also a noisy eater , and does most of his eating in the livingroom ( where my computer is ) . If I have the TV on it sort of blends in with the noises . But there is so little that I care to 'watch' on TV . If I play my stereo records , that helps too , but I think it annoys him ! I bought an AM FM Stereo Cassette player yesterday , with earphones . I haven't tried it yet , and don't know if that will help .

I'd really like to have my computer set-up moved to a much farther location , but that is not very feasible .

Why am I posting here ?? Because I would like some understanding and support from anyone who may understand .

Don't suggest that I discuss it with him . He has developed a very short fuze ! ( He never has been able to accept criticism .... we have been married almost 48 1/2 years , and I know all his quirks . ) His mental deterioration has caused him to have even more irritability . I do not think he realizes his mental problems .

I am having mental problems too , espacially short term memory . Perhaps you with parents who have such problems can give me advice . I am open to suggestions and reasoning .


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