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How to reduce porcelain tile slipperiness

10 years ago

We have found a nice, large-format (18" X 18") porcelain tile for the walls and floor of our new bathroom. We are using a linear drain in the shower, so the large size is not an issue in laying the shower bed. However, the tiles are really slick, and I am worried about the fact that the coefficient of friction for them is marginal. My other half does not want to do the floor in another tile, so I have been investigating no-slip products for the shower floor. They seem to be of two varieties:
1. A transparent coating that gives traction, but may need to be renewed every couple of years.
2. A solution that does a permanent, microscopic etching of the top surface of the tile, but supposedly does not alter the appearance noticeably.
I do not want to use a mat on the shower floor, or those ugly, adhesive anti-slip strips.

If anyone has experience with either of the two approaches I've described, or has another idea, I'd love to hear from you. Thanks.

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