Please help identify the Tribe/Origin of 2 Old Indian Blankets

7 years ago

My Mother recently presented me with 2 Wool Indian Blankets that have been in our family for Generations as well as the picture of my Great Great Grandmother wearing one of the Indian blankets that has hung on the wall of the cabin in Oklahoma for as long as I can remember. But, nobody talked about the fact that she was Native American. The 2 blankets had remained tucked away in a cedar chest for many years. The Indian Heritage of the family was kept a secret from everyone & all history/names etc were destroyed by my Great Grandmother for unknown reasons. My Great Grandfather gave my Grandfather the 2 blankets/picture of his Grandmother to hide from his mother in order to preserve his heritage. But, through the years, he forgot to document/pass that heritage on to others. Recently I have been trying to piece together as much history on our family as I could given the circumstances. I am hoping that by identifying the history/origin of the blankets, I can begin to learn more about my Heritage & pass it on to future generations. Thank you in advance for all of your help.

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