Carbonate fruit drinks....


like raspberry, cherries, apple etc.
Has anyone done it?... A easy way?
I have juice in keg and it has natural CO2 from fermentation, around 140 PSI, but when I let it out it all goes flat.
I'm thinking of experimenting with a solid hose connection when filling into plastic bottle with pressure regulator, then agitating.

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Yes I have. Pour into clean, sterile, room-temp, plastic soda bottles. Lie on sides in a plastic container. Rotate bottles 180 degrees daily to stir up the wild yeasts that have settled on the bottom. Squeeze the bottles to determine how pressurized they are, when rock hard, they are almost ready, refrigerate one bottle and once cold, squeeze to see if still hard, possibly open to see if carbonated. I do a gallon at a time, 10-12 bottles per batch. Takes from 1 to 3 weeks depending on temperature. Feel brave? Place them in your yard, in the summer sun, and you may get surprised. LOL

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