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How mmuch is alchol where youlive or even a case of pop?

23 years ago

Here in Saskatchewan it cost almost $9.00 for a six pack of warm beer. But they do have those barrels full of water so you can shill your wine before you go home. So i must say I drop a 6 pack in there walk around the liquor store for 5 minutes and they are cold. Otherwise you go to the cold beer store and you are looking at at least $11.50. Remember this is only for 6 beer. The city where I live we don't have stores to buy liquor it has to be a liquor store or a package pick-up. For pop. Well we have no name and the brand name. For 12 pop brand name your looking at almost 6.00 and for no -name $4.00. It's pretty pricy that's why I'm thinking of making my own beer this winter. How about you? Prices higher or lower? From Saskatchewan by Saskatoon.

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