Battling Rosacea and Make-up Choices

14 years ago

Hi. I recently got diagnosed with rosacea (last year) and am having the toughest time finding the right make-up (mainly foundation and powder) to use on my sensitive rosacea-prone OILY skin.

I am currently using the entire EUCERIN redness relief line (face wash and moisturizer) along with my Metrogel, but am wondering what make-up everyone is putting over that.

I am currently switching back and forth between my MAC pressed powder, Za foundation/powder compact, and Clinique liquid foundation. Any suggestions?

I also always react to the various sunscreens that I've tried on my face on the few occasions that I head to the beach. Recently my face really reacted to the Neutrogena lotion that dries to a powder. Too bad that I have such sensitive skin. Ugh... What do you all use?

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