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After 30+ years with gas...went Induction

12 years ago


I am long time and frequent member over on the Laundry Room Forum, but thought I would say "Hi" on the Appliance Forum! I grew up with gas cooking only, and since my first home owned (1995)...I have always had gas.

Made the BIG jump last week, and sold the big Thermador gas Range and got a 36" Miele Induction Cooktop (Model KM 5773). I CANNOT say enough positive things about Induction. I feel there is NO reason to have gas. The Induction is faster, cooler, safer, easier, more control and SO, SO easy to clean. After a messy stir fry or fying bacon or potatoes....just wipe the cooktop with a microfiber cloth with water or use a little Windex. NO grates, iron burners, knobs, nooks & crannies. Induction is amazing, and I see this being the total way to most of our future cooking!!

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