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Opinions on bathroom layout

15 years ago

We are expanding the master bathroom (more than doubling the size!), but still have a fairly limited space. About 10 x 10. We had pretty much settled on one design, but I was showing some folks at work, and they suggested a few alternatives.

I thought maybe someone here would be willing to share their opinion. This is certainly my first project of this type or scope, and its kinda hard to visualize (especially since we're expanding).

Here is what we started with:

From Master Bathroom Project

The plan we had sort of decided on:

From Master Bathroom Project

The two alternate plans I came up with today:

{{gwi:1385839}}From Master Bathroom Project

From Master Bathroom Project

We are both handy and enjoy home projects, so we are doing DIY.

The things I like about our first layout: bathtub under window (note, we have no window now, but will prob put one in in a few years when we do the siding, it will be a high and more decorative kind of window, like a circle or octagon or something), window across from vanity area for lots of nice natural light. However, I wonder if the shower is big enough, we do like it to be usable by 2ppl.

On the two alt plans, the window becomes and issue with one long vanity, in fact if we went with that layout we may have to abandon the whole idea of a window in the bathroom.

My colleague suggested the plan with two small sinks, I had not considered that at all.

My main concern with the latter two layouts is that it sort of truncates the bathroom more, the first one lets you see at least the whole length of the room.

I want to avoid the feeling that we squished too much stuff in the room.

Appreciate any input or lessons learned from the community.


New to the site and have found it useful and inspiring.

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