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Best beefsteak?

16 years ago

I know "best of" lists are popular, so I searched for a list of folks' favorite beefsteaks, figuring there had to be one around, and came up empty.

I've been growing highly prolific mystery striped tomatoes for two years, and while the output is unbelievable, the fruit itself is nothing special. In fact, the skins are very tough and the flavor is bland. They're all getting either frozen or canned and are destined to be stewed. It's an honorable end for a tomato, but I'm in the mood for fresh eating.

So, next year I'm going old school garden and will be growing big slicing tomatoes, the meaty kind that are great on a burger, great on a BLT, or simply great on a plate with a little mozzarella and some olive oil, maybe a little sea salt...a sprinkle of balsamic...mmmmm....

What are your favorite/best growing/tastiest beefsteak tomatoes?

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