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Can someone help me tell what kind of snake this is?

10 years ago

We live in southwest florida near the sarasota area. We have a screened in pool area but recently had a new put in and did not have one up for about a month. We think that during this time of not having a screen a snake came in and layed eggs/babies. Yesterday afternoon we saw a small baby snake in the pool, we left it there until we could get someone to get it out as we are terrified of snakes. This morning while taking our dog out we saw that there were two baby snakes in the pool! completely terrified we called a family friend to come get them. This afternoon we then saw that there were now 3 baby snake in our pool!!! Our friend came and got them and relocated them to another area. I only have one picture because i refused to go near them.

Our friend said they might be baby water moccasins. My room has a slider leading out to the pool area. Is there any possibility that the snake could get in the slider even though it is closed and locked. how do we get rid of them and how do we prevent them from coming in the house. please i am totally scared out of my mind.


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