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Snake repellent

13 years ago

I know there are probably lots of snake lovers out here but I am not one. I have 1/2 acre of yard with a house, garage and shed. Last year every where I went in the yard there was a snake. Just little garter or black snakes but it totally freaks me out. I did away with the wood pile by the shed and also ripped out the vegtable garden. That leaves my flower beds. If I have to rip them out I might as well go live in a high-rise. I have woods on two sides of the yard. I keep the grass very short but recently planted a clump of pampas grass and hostas on each side of my deck steps. It looks beautiful but I am afraid I am attracking the dreaded snakes. Please help me. I did a seach for reviews on repellents but can only seem to find ones from companies. I want some from actual users of repellents. Help make my summer less stressful and let me know what works. Thank-you.

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