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How Turkey Vultures Think and Communicate

15 years ago

How Turkey Vultures Think and Communicate

Well I haven't the slightest idea but here's what happened yesterday:

There was a dead squirrel on the front lawn which I had forgot to dispose of. [Of which I had forgotten to dispose? :-)]. About noon I went out the front door for something and to my surprise a vulture was about a foot off the ground with the squirrel in its beak, it dropped the squirrel and flapped away. Well that was too bad but a few minutes later my wife told me a vulture was in a tree across our drive. Within a few more minutes there were 5 of em perched around. Two in one tree and two right together on a power pole plus the one across. There might have been a sixth across the street about 100 feet away. Another one drifted over but it might have been the sixth across the street just arriving.

They just sat there gaulking. Never made a move at that squirrel. One on the pole spread it wings I spose to absorb heat from the sun but it was cloudy with temp about 50 ºF (maybe it absorbed the long wave radiation?).

Within a half hour they were all gone. At mid afternoon the squirrel had been moved about 10 feet. The squirrel is still there.

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