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What kind of snake is this?

9 years ago

Plenty of snakes in the panhandle of Texas where I live. One of my coworkers found this little guy outside one of the welding shops and brought it over to me. Seems no one there could really decide what it was. Some were saying a baby bull snake, plains king snake, Texas rat snake, or just a garter.

Its appx 10in in length and a quarter inch in diameter. If I could have got it to eat anything I'd have shared that information, but it was either not hungry or it did not see the crickets/worms/pinkies as food. Then again he could have been just upset.

However he did have quite a bit of a temper. He coiled, bit, was very fast, but he sure did not have much power behind his bite

He has been released prior to this posting in a garden, maybe he'll stick around!

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