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Makeshift birdbath

We had a big snowstorm a few weeks ago, with fierce winds and cold temperatures. My heated birdbath was buried (I'd unplugged it before the storm) along with the saucer on the ground. Snow shoveling had priority but I didn't want to leave the birds waterless, so I stuck out a few styrofoam containers with water to buy some time until I could get the regular birdbaths operable. I put one in a snow bank and the other on top of my frozen copper birdbath.

The styrofoam containers worked out better than I expected. They were slow to freeze up, and the ice popped right out without sticking to the sides. Since then I've been putting one out regularly on the icy copper bath (there's a rock in the middle of the ice so the container doesn't slide around).

A song sparrow decided the container was just the right size for a bath. I've seen this several times now - song sparrows seem to be very clean birds.

I'm looking now for a styrofoam container that's wider but no deeper for winter use. The first ones were holding fresh mushrooms, I can see me eating all sorts of strange things just to get a birdbath.


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