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Another squirrel question...

14 years ago

Thanks to advice from this forum, Id decided to invest in the Advanced Pole System from Wildbirds Unlimited but am saddened to learn I donÂt have the recommended 10ft squirrel proof zone.

I have a small, suburban backyard and will be placing the feeder(s) within 5 feet of a fence, a tree and a large bush. ThereÂs a family of squirrels in the area that is the main cause of concern. HOSPÂs are running a close 2nd but I hope to deter them by using good quality seed.

Waiting to be called into action, I have a heated bird bath, 2 squirrel baffles and 1 thistle feeder. I would like to buy a suet feeder and a feeder to hold sunflower seed.

Can anyone recommend squirrel resistance feeders that have worked well?

Or warn me about ones youÂve tried that have been a waste of money?

ActuallyÂ. any and all advice is welcome!


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