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Hummer's uninvited guests to get them to leave?

14 years ago

Again this year the hummingbird feeders have been invaded by wasps, honeybees,sugar ants, etc. Is there a way to keep these uninvited guests away from the feeders? Every hole in the feeder has a wasp drinking from it!

Last year I also posted this problem & it was suggested to soak a piece of cloth in vinegar & hang it near the feeder & the wasps would leave ..... not happening!! The vinegar has no effect on the wasps. Then I got a 2 liter plastic coke bottle & put one of those yellow devices advertized into a hole in the side of the bottle & filled the bottle with apple juice: saw some wasps that entered the hole get caught in the juice but not that many. The sugar ants climb from 'heaven knows where' up to the feeder despite my attaching adhesives to the feeder pole but they don't seem to deter the hummers. Any other 'tried & true' methods of giving the 'hummers some peace?!

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