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Mockingbird Fledgelings - pics

14 years ago

I've been watching a pair of mocking birds flying in and out of the top of a shrub by our front door, and hearing the chicks cheeping when they are fed, for several days now. After all these days, having given up trying to peer into the dense shrub to see the nest, I finally discover that looking out the front window, there's a place where I can see at least one chick bouncing up when he cheeps:

Because of his vigor, and the number of days that have gone by, I thought the fledgelings should be out of the nest soon. Then just hours later, I see this fledgeling about 20 feet east of the nest on the ground:

The second one, just below the nest, doesn't appear very healthy:

The parents are checking on him, and later I see that he is on his feet:

I found a third fledgeling wandering west of the nest:

Meanwhile, the parents were looking after them, here looking down on fledgeling #1:

I also heard cheeping sounds from a nearby tree, like the sounds of the other fledgelings, so there may be a fourth fledgeling in the tree. But it could also be that one of the parents is trying to confuse me by mocking its own young.

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