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campground food ideas

18 years ago

I'm getting serious cabin fever and I'm getting out next weekend. It's supposed to rain, but this is Seattle, what's new. That's what tarps are made for I guess.

I'm been trying to think of food ideas, not campground recipes or menus per se, more like ideas for ease and convenience.

Here are things I can think of to take for mainly car camping:

Seasoning/marinating packets from the packet gravy aisle. I marinate meat in the fridge before the trip.

Those Lipton pasta and rice sides. Very quick to make, most only need water added.

Garlic French bread from the bakery section. Rip off a hunk and wrap it in foil, then put it to one of the sides of the campfire.

Bagged salad greens. Best invention ever!

Spice aisle, one company sells a whole peppercorn mix and has the grinder built in. It's only about $5 and should last a season.

Those are some things I thought of. Anybody else have any more ideas when you hit the supermarket before a camping trip?

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