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We are actually going camping!!!!

18 years ago

Finally at last !!

I mentioned here a few months back, several I think, that we haven't been camping for years. We camped one or two times a year back in our childfree days, used to go on arranged bicycle camps - drive there then go on bike tours around the area - great fun even in the rain. We've camped once with the kids, about 8 years ago.

The kids and I are going, hubby is piking out and we are meeting up with my brother, sister, her family and a few of their friends at a campsite about 2 hours from here. Most are going on Thursday, we have plans that day so are heading up on Friday. We don't need to take much, a tent, bedding and food is about all, the others are all seasoned campers and everything is on hand.

It's a holiday weekend here, well kind of, Thursday is the public holiday but alot of employers allow their staff to take the Friday off as well. The campsite is on the edge of Lake Macquarie so there will be swimming, I might even give waterskiing a try too.

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