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Keeping Feeder(s) Filled w� Nesting Tree Swallows in the Yard?

13 years ago

A couple of weeks ago the Tree Swallows nesting in my Petersen box started a brood. Again, this is my first year putting out nest boxes, so in addition to the Chickadees I posted about earlier (who are doing well, so far- mom and pop are constantly going in and out) I now have a pair of Tree Swallows.

I have a wide array of feeders, and back up to a marsh. Needless to say, I have quite a few visitors to my feeders. Do you have any thoughts on whether these can/should be kept full? I�m hesitant. Would I rather more, well fed birds in the yard with the potential of attracting house sparrows. Or, would I rather less birds, albeit hungry ones�

Lately I have not kept the seed feeder full as it attracts quite a few Red Wing Blackbirds, Grackles, and Bluejays. Don�t get me wrong, I like the birds. It is just that these are bigger birds and it seems like the Swallows spend quite a bit of time chasing and flying from these guys.

Thanks, Jesse

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