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bird identification help wanted

13 years ago

I'm wondering if the birds I see at dusk in Central Indiana are the swallows/swifts I thought they were.

They swoop and flutter a lot, twittering constantly in flight very high in the air. I don't see them land anywhere, but circle around an area over and over, often 3 to half a dozen (or more) at a time, not in formation.

They are too high and the light is too dim to see any coloration; just dark against a fading blue sky. Their shape is what I thought was swallow-like with rather backswept wings and a longish tail. I can't tell if the tail is double sets of feathers extending from the body which is a pretty good indicator of swallows. I think I've seen these birds flying around the exterior lights of very tall buildings, too. They seem too big to be local bats species, though the erratic flight seems a little bat-like.

Can anyone answer this question I've just realized I'm not sure but curious about. THanks.

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