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Need Advice on Nesting Birds

14 years ago

Our backyard grill has become the home of some black/brown scruffy looking bird(s)with a yellow beak, in the last 6 weeks. As my husband puts it, "the birds have not built a nest, they built a condominium complex!" lol

Within the last 2 weeks, baby birds have hatched. I haven't seen them, but can hear them. I have been able to peek inside some holes in the grill back, but cannot see anything but pine straw. I can tell that they are getting stronger by the tone of their chirp, which leads me to the following concern.

How are the babies going to be able to fly out of the grill when the mama is teaching them to fly? The grill openings are not very large, and there is no ledge for them to stand on as a "take-off' point. (see photos) Plus, there is concrete directly below the grill!

The mama and daddy birds seem to fly in and out of the back openings rather effortlessly, but I just don't see how the babies are going to maneuver out the openings when it comes time for the lessons.





One other concern is the heat. With temperatures getting in the low 80's this week, the inside of the grill has got to get VERY hot! Will the little birds not die of heat stroke? Should I open the lid to both let it cool off in there, and also allow open air for the babies to take off?

Also, how long until the birds are off on their own, and will the parents also leave? My husband wants his big X grill back!

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