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I saw their first flight!

14 years ago

July 4th was day 17 for my frontyard babies (day 16 for "baby 5"). At 7:45 AM on the 4th, I realized that this was going to be "the day"! For over 3 hours I watched all five babies fledge! It was sooooo exciting! The babies would take turns almost hanging out of the hole. (Actually, that sounds too nice. I really don't think all five were taking turns. I think that 2 or 3 were more like forcing their way to the hole.) Just when I thought one would fly (or get pushed), he/she would retreat. (And because I really wanted to get pictures of that first flight, I took lots of "fake out" taking pics of what I thought was going to be the big moment, and baby blue deciding "oh no........too scary.")

It was sooooo much fun to watch! And #1 flew. Within a split second, there went the second. It happened soooo fast. I was trying to watch, trying to take pictures, trying to stay calm, (that "calm" part just wasn't happening... and the picture taking......well, that was very pathetic). A few minutes later, #3 and #4 went.

Four of the five had fledged and were in the branches above! Then #5 was peeking out. I believe that #5 was the one that hatched a day later than the others. While the others had more of a "I'm going.....really, I'm I go" type look, "Five" had more of a "hey.....where did everybody go?" look. ( me crazy. They really did look different!) After several minutes, "five" left the box. But, instead of flying, he/she went down for a landing...about 10-12 feet from the box. Man...were Mom and Dad in a ruckus. At this point, my camera battery was dead, "Five" was hopping out of view, and I was scrambling to get out the back door to "sneak" around front to continue to watch. Just as I round the corner, there is Mom Blue about 4 feet out in front of me, warning me to stay back. (I think in all the excitement, she must have not realized it was me....the mealworm provider, the suet maker.) Anyway, I made sure to keep a big distance. For over 10 minutes, "Five" hopped across the yard, down the drive, and to a large tree by the street. He/she basically just climbed the tree, stopping to rest a few times. Finally made it up to a branch, which is where I lost sight of him/her. I sure hope they all are okay. I have seen Mom and Dad, but haven't been able to spot the babies. I would love to share some of the pics of the event, but I don't have a clue how to do that. Yes.......I did read the instructions for images. My apologies for this being so long. I was just so excited to have witnessed the event and I wanted to share!!!

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