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Doves scaring cardinals away from feeder

9 years ago

Hi! I am new to bird feeding. I started with a basic feeder made with popsicle sticks and safflower seed. I had cardinals right away and they love it. However, couple of days later at least 7 doves have come to my feeders (I have two, in two different trees) and stormed them. They scared all the cardinals, they threw the seeds to the ground and then they ate all. They came back up to the feeders and, because they are so heavy, broke them. I may need more glue next time, granted.
But, I donôt like the doves scaring away the cardinals. I wouldnôt mind them if they kept to the ground looking for seeds around the feeders, but if they�re going to scare my beautiful cardinals away, I rather not have them. Any ideas on how I can discourage them to come? I�ve read to buy a special feeder, but I wanted to know if I could do something about my popsicle feeders. My children made them and they�re very happy that the little red birds come to their creations to eat. Thanks!

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