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BlueMania!Tell everyone- silly things you've done & $ spent

13 years ago

I've done some silly things for these birds.

Whistle like an idiot to call birds to feeder. I'm not very good!

strain my ears for those house wrens and listening over and over to sound files to just "get it"!

I stay outside or glued to the window watching them come and go.

I spent an entire day taking pics and watching the fledglings when work was screaming to be done.

Spent money and time to develop a mockingbird safe window feeder, still in the works, but working!

I tried a dozen things to keep the blue boy to stop pecking at the window so I can watch them feed.

I bought a hunting blind to take pictures, (by far my craziest deed so far!)

Make hubby constantely bring home supplies for various things

RUN outside when food is out!

Read most posts on here and read the sialis site.

Money spent just recently, no total, I don't want to know!!

bird houses $25

bird feeders $75 some worked, some didn't

Bird food $100+ and time to make some of my own

Blind $60 used on ebay, it's WAY cool!

non glare glass for the fighting, didn't work $15

sheer window curtain for fighting, so far working $10

In window feeder, way cool $60 (not sure if "Rocky" blue will tolerate the mirrored film on it!)

misc dishes for mealworms $10 =/-

Electric fence for base of bird house $85! (after seeing the racoon on my porch)!

Traps ground and in box $80

Awesome binoculars $60!!

that's all I can think of right now, but I plan to make or buy a roost for winter, very cool one on web, fits in window and can feed and water from INSIDE! $80!!

Sandra, blue crazy!

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