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What's the weirdest thing you've done for your butterflies?

15 years ago

I did a weird thing this week and I thought, I bet there are lots of other BF crazies out there who do weird things also. So, I'll share my weird thing, if you'll share yours. (I think writing a message to your BSTs rates up there! LOL)

I ran out of food for my Tiger Swallowtails. They devoured every single leaf on my little Tulip Tree. I ordered a new tree (cheap) online, but it hasn't arrived yet. So yesterday as I was coming home down a particular street, I remembered that the tree nursery was just ahead. We have purchased quite a few trees from them, so I went inside and asked if they had Tulip Poplars. Yes, they did. Well, I asked if I could get some leaves off the trees for my caterpillars.

The owner went inside and got me a plastic bag and a pair of pruners. He showed me where I could prune the tree, and I took home 2 whole branches full of leaves!

Anyway, my cats are eating again, and one has formed a chrysalis.

I hope to get my new tree soon, so I can put it outside for the BFs to lay more eggs. And the retired tree is starting to bud out again!!

OK Sandy

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